Always learning | sketchbook

Always learning | sketchbook

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Always learning is a project i did about some of my drawings and decided to put them in a mini book. Here you will se some doodles, sketches and ilustrations i did. The size is 13x13 cm, with laminated cover. The book have 49 drawings. The book will be signed by me! The first 8 mini sketchbooks came with a free sticker

+ The sketchbook is made with staples, so follow the natural curve of the book and dont force to opened too wide because pages maybe come off.

+ PLEASE READ: discounted prices in all because the books have defects. Some of them the pages came off, that is why i put them like they cost me.

Seconds:  pages maybe come off

With defects: the cut line is not correct or have dots or color differences. Pages maybe come off

Broken:  some pages came off


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