Do you ship worldwide?

Yes, But because of Covid-19 some countries like Brunei or Australia are close to Spain post office.

Is the shipping with tracking?

For enamel pins, yes. If you ONLY want prints or stickers we can send them without tracking. But remember that we are not responsable for damage or lost items. So, we always recommend tracking shipping.

What means A/B/C grade?

  • A grade: is that the item have no imperfections or it is the best pins in the bach. No necessary to be perfect but with less defects.
  • B grade: is a pin that have imperfections but no so noticiable.
  • C grade: are the pins with more defects and more noticiable.
  • Seconds: some pins with miss colors and defect

In each product i will put the status of the pins.

About cancelation 

Preorder items: you only can cancel your order within 24 hours.

In stock order: you can cancel the next 4 days after you make your order.

Returns, Refunds & Exchanges 

Pins cannot be returned however you may exchange or get a refund under the following circumstances:

- The item you received was damaged in the mail (the pin has major damage such as broken back posts)
- You received the wrong item

* I cannot provide a refund for incorrect purchase or a lost package